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Kilukkam Lottery Scene WhatsApp ? | Kilukkam WhatsApp Status Download 2024


Be careful! This KBC Lottery Fake WhatsApp Number promising Rs 25 lakh on WhatsApp is fake. This WhatsApp message informs clients that they have won Rs 25 lakh in a lottery.

This WhatsApp message tells clients that they have won Rs 25 lakh in a fortunate draw. This comes when In India, WhatsApp Payments is trying a ‘Cashback’ highlight.

 The con artist had guaranteed a RS 25 lakh pay-out.

Why Did This WhatsApp Scam Lottery Happen?

WhatsApp, the texting application, is turning out to be more defenseless against hacking. The policies of WhatsApp have changed. The new policy offers less security to the user. Thus, different types of scams are arising to fool the users. These people make use of fake calls to fool the WhatsApp users. Another WhatsApp trick has arisen, and artists are presently using the name KBC to deceive individuals. Scam artists live in unaware nations. Moreover, they are now captivating Indians with a message publicizing a RS 25 lakh lottery. This WhatsApp Lottery Number tells users that they have won Rs 25 lakh in a fortunate draw. This comes when in India, WhatsApp Payments is trying a ‘Cashback’ highlight.

If you have gotten such a message, you should not give any attention to this. Because it is on the grounds that it is deceitful. A similar event occurred with an individual named Raza in Mumbai. She unconsciously accepted that she would have the option to guarantee her award. The sound message came from an individual who professed to be an individual from KBC. This WhatsApp sound included a banner message with the essences of Amitabh Bachchan and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

To qualify for the award, the fraud artist requested that she pay a handling expense of Rs 25,000. Raza acknowledged she had been tricked for Rs 25,000 when the scam artist requested to pay an extra Rs 45,000. Rather they did not move Rs 25 lakh into her financial balance. In a new episode of KBC, Amitabh Bachchan warned watchers that Sony TV doesn’t request cash for KBC. Thus, they should be careful about any individual who does.

Be Aware of KBC WhatsApp Lottery 25 Lakh Scam

Getting a call from a WhatsApp number with the name of the show KBC? Before you respond to it, stop briefly. The energy is acceptable, however, it may not be Big B on the opposite end. Instead, it could be a WhatsApp Group Link Lottery scam attempting to scam you for cash.

On November 13, another individual got a WhatsApp call. It had the logo of Kon Baniga Crodpati as its performance picture. Understanding that it was one of those trick calls, he dropped it and filled the number. He chose to get back on the KBC WhatsApp number to find what was really going on with it and sort out the usual way of doing things.

They recorded the call to comprehend the nitty-gritty. Tune in to abstain from succumbing and missing out on your cash to such scammers.

In the wake of calling the number, the individual on the opposite end said 25 individuals across India had won IRs 2.5 million. Thus, this number was unforgettable for the rundown. He said a “paper” (message) would be sent in a little, which subtleties the methodology to get the money.

They needed to talk in Hindi as the guest was agreeable in the language. Behind the scenes, someone else was heard conversing with a forthcoming casualty.

Following the call, the message arrived from the scammer. The guest then, at that point, requested to save this number. Settle on a decision by means of WhatsApp to one Vikram Singh. As far as anyone knows, a branch administrator at the State Bank of India (SBI). He added that Singh was the individual who might look for bank subtleties to move the award cash.

This is what occurred on the Lottery Software WhatsApp Scam

Presently, this claimed, “Vikram Singh” approved and said the amount will move the following day. Because the banks were closed and web banking was not accessible.

Such calls often come from clueless individuals. Moreover, WhatsApp has started to finish encryption. Will such fraudsters get found out and individuals be saved from missing out on their cash?

WhatsApp often thinks deeply about the protection of the clients. All the users of WhatsApp depend on it for secret and personal discussions. Moreover, they use it for their primary care physicians, banks, and families.

For this reason, when you get a message from an unknown number interestingly, report the number immediately. Be aware of such scammers who exploit the needs of common people.

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