Airtel Lottery Winner 2023 List | Airtel KBC Lucky Draw 2023 | Airtel KBC Winner 2023

Dear Airtel Users, Now we are giving information about the Airtel KBC lucky draw 2023. We are sharing important information with Airtel lucky winners about the KBC lottery. If Airtel customers are receiving KBC SMS regarding lottery cash they should call in Airtel lottery winner 2023 head office number 0019188444454. Because we have receive a lot of complaints about fake call and when we inquiry we found that these calls and SMS are coming from Pakistani country code +92 and 0092. If you receive these type of call or SMS we request of you please call KBC head office number. If you want to check your Airtel lottery online then call Airtel KBC head office number and get your registered lottery number 0019188444454.

Remember: We don’t have any other number beside this number we just have this Airtel lottery head office number is the real head office number of Airtel.

Airtel Lottery Winner 2023 List Today

No.Winners Name:Airtel Winner Number:Lottery Number:Lottery Amount:
1.Amir King Khan873******7368373125,00,000 INR
2.Rajesh Kumar938******093899125,00,000 INR
3.Tariq Ali Choma988******766015025,00,000 INR
4.Vinod Singh787******7654477125,00,000 INR
5.Vijay Sharma900******65610010225,00,000 INR
6.Sandeep Kumar678******8768991725,00,000 INR

Airtel KBC Lottery 2023

KBC Airtel Game show is back in 2023 and all the Airtel number has included in this lucky draw. If you are using an Airtel sim card then its good for you that your number has inlcuded in this online Airtel lucky draw and you can become Airtel lottery winner 2023 and you can win 25 lakh lottery in Airtel. So don’t be late and buy Airtel sim card if you don’t have already. If you have Airtel sim card please recharge you sim card daily because the more you will recharge the more you will get chance to win the lottery.

Airtel the Airtel winners can verify their lottery on KBC official Website. To check your lottery online first of all get your registered lottery number by calling on Airtel lottery head office number. Then visit KBC official website and enter your winner mobile number and lottery number. After entering your lottery number and mobile number click on check now button you will see the result and Airtel winner list 2023. If you have more then 1 Airtel number then it’s clear that you will get 25 lakh lottery in Airtel 100%. For more information, just call KBC head office number 24 hours 7 days.

Airtel KBC Lottery Winner 2023

  • Mr. Imran Khan DK Winning Amount 25 Lakh Winning Date 11 June 2023 City Mumbai.
  • Mr. Abid Ali Boom Boom Winning Amount 25 Lakh Winning Date 11 June 2023 City Mumbai.
  • Ms. Laxmi Devi Winning Amount 25 Lakh Winning Date 11 June 2023 City Delhi.
  • Mr. Abid Ali Bhoot Winning Amount 35 Lakh Winning Date 11 June 2023 City Delhi.
  • Mr. Iqbal Khan Winning Amount 35 Lakh Winning Date 12 June 2023 City Kolkata.
  • Ms. Oad Devi Winning Amount 50 Lakh Winning Date 13 June 2023 City Pune.
  • Mr. Anwar Ali Tamba Winning Amount 1 Crore Winning Date 14 June 2023 City Chennai.
  • Mr. Oad Singh Winning Amount 7 Crore Winning Date 15 June 2023 City Chennai.

This is the latest KBC Airtel lottery winner list for KBC Jio lottery winner 2022 list please visit this website or call KBC Head office number to get all the information about prize and the prize winners.

Airtel Lottery 2023

According to Airtel, The most lottery winner in Airtel KBC lucky draw are Mr. Tariq Ali Choma, Amir Khan King and Vijay Sharma. Most common 25 lakh winner in Airtel is Rana Pratap Singh. Most 35 Lakh winner in Airtel is Rajesh Kumar. Similarly for more information about Airtel lottery winner list and how to check the Airtel lottery winner list of 2023, please keep visiting this KBC official website or call KBC Airtel Lottery Head Office Number 0019188444454.