How to apply for KBC in 2024 | KBC registration through SMS | How to Play KBC

If you are looking for a piece of detailed information regarding how to apply for KBC, then this section of the article has got you covered.

You must always check the eligibility criteria before applying for the registration on KBC. It is one of the best and the most-watched shows all over India, which was greatly inspired by a British game show. The main objective and purpose of KBC is to allow the participants to become a millionaire by answering a few general knowledge related questions. Participating in the KBC lucky draw is a very excellent opportunity for a common man to meet the most popular Bollywood celebrity, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan.

KBC Registration Toll Free Number 0019188444474

How to Apply For KBC

Speaking about the process of registration, there are basically three modes by which you can apply for KBC. But before that, you need to keep in mind that if you really wish to go to KBC, then you must definitely watch KBC daily and note down the questions that are being asked by Amitabh Bachchan in between the breaks. As a viewer, you can simply answer those questions through SMS, IVR, or the KBCLiv app.

Here’s a quick guide of how to apply for KBC or how to go to KBC through 3 ways!

KBC Registration Through KBCLiv App

If you want to register yourself for the upcoming season of KBC 2024 through the KBC Liv app, then you need to follow the below-mentioned steps!

  • Firstly, open the KBCLiv app on your mobile phone or any other device
  • Click on the KBC official banner there.
  • The registration question will then pop up on your device’s screen.
  • Answer the question.
  • Fill up and complete all the necessary details on the form that appears on the screen.
  • Click on the “Submit” Button
  • That’s all! Now, you have to wait until you know that the process is completed successfully. After successfully completing the process, you will receive a message that reads like “Thank you for completing your KBC registration successfully.”

KBC Registration Through IVR or Interactive Voice Response

If applying through the KBCLiv app didn’t work for you, then you can use the IVR method to register yourself for the upcoming season of KBC 2024. The steps that you must fo to register yourself for KBC through Interactive Voice Response involves the following:

For sending a message through IVR, you need to dial 5052525 first and then click 1 for option A, 2 for option B, 3 for option C, and 4 for option D.
You can easily select your preferred language option amongst Hindi and English.
During this entire process, you will also be asked to enter your age. So, you need to type your age there.
The call will then end with a simple playback option or thank you note

Yes, it’s just that simple to register yourself for KBC through the Interactive Voice Response method. Now, let’s have a look at the last way of registering or applying for KBC.

KBC Registration Through SMS

For applying to KBC through SMS, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps!

  • Firstly, Amitabh Bachchan will declare the registration question on the KBC night show or in between the ad break.
  • After noting down the question, you must now be ready with an answer and your mobile phone.
  • The SMS will charge you Rs 3 for sending one SMS (except on Jio phones)
  • Always remember that you will need to complete this process in the given time slot.
  • You can then send your answer through an SMS to 0019188444474 in a specified SMS format. The suggested SMS format is KBC A 21 M, where KBC is the name of the show; A is the option you have chosen, 21 is the age, and M is the gender.
  • It was so easy to apply for KBC through SMS, IVR, or KBCLiv application! Now, let’s move forward to the most confusing question, i.e., how to play KBC online!

How To Play KBC?

Playing KBC adds a lot of fun and excitement to your daily life. Initially, the game show was only available to be watched by the Indian audience, but now, you can even play this game by sitting at home. Yes, you read it correctly!

This means that KBC can now be played in both online and offline mode. Playing KBC in offline mode is pretty difficult for most of the contestants because not everyone gets a chance to sit on a hot seat and play face to face with Amitabh Bachchan. Similarly most people don’t know how to apply for KBC. But you need not disappoint, because luckily, the online mode of KBC has offered you the chance to play it by sitting at your home and winning exciting prizes. So, let’s look at how to play KBC online with KBC Play Along and How to send SMS to KBC.

KBC Play Along is a wonderful concept that will allow you to play the game seamlessly on your Smartphone. For this, you will need to download the KBCLiv application, and the application will then display the questions with 4 options to answer. All this will be done in sync with the telecast of the KBC game show on television. On the online mode of playing KBC, the questions will appear on your mobile phone’s screen as and when the question is asked during the episode. Based on the answer options, you will then have to select the most appropriate answer as per your knowledge and lock it. After locking your answer, the answer will then be revealed on the KBCLiv app and on the television simultaneously. Each correct answer will allow you to move forward in the KBC online game and earn rewards and exciting prizes.

For downloading the KBCLiv application, you need to install the latest version of it from the App Store or Play Store. Once the app gets installed, you will have to click on the “KBC Play Along” icon or banner on the top of the application window to access KBC Play Along. To participate in the online KBC game, it will be mandatory for you to register yourself by providing all the necessary details. The registration process may take some time; therefore, it is always suggested to do this before the game show starts on TV; otherwise, you will miss the starting questions.

Yes, it is easy to play KBC online on the KBCLiv application at the comfort of your home.

Where To Watch The New Season Of KBC?

The season 13 of KBC is about to come, and you might be excited enough for the same, right? Well, we are excited as well. Most probably, Amitabh Bachchan will host the upcoming season as well. The starting date of KBC’s new season is not yet released, but yes, we can let you know where you can watch the upcoming season 13 of KBC! Here are the details regarding it!

You basically have 3 options to watch the new season of KBC. You can either watch it on TV, on the KBCLiv app, or YouTube live streaming.


KBC 2024 will be aired on KBC TV or Set India during weekdays. This game show was originally aired on Star Plus, but later on, it had shifted to KBC TV in 2010. Since then, every season of KBC is flawlessly aired on KBC TV. You can easily watch KBC on any platform of cable TV. In Dish TV, the channel number is 105 (SD) and 104 (HD). In TataSky, the channel number is 130 (SD), 128 (HD) and 129 (SD/HD+1). For Sun Direct, the channel number is 310 (SD) and 874 (HD).

KBC On App

If you are not at home and want to watch KBC, then we have got another option for you! You can easily watch KBC on your Smartphones in case you don’t have any access to television. For this, you just need to download the KBCLiv application from the Play Store or App Store, and then you can easily enjoy the game show anywhere. If you are a Reliance JIO user, you can watch KBC 2024 for free on the Jio TV app.

KBC On YouTube Live Streaming

Apart from apps and television, another way to watch KBC is Live streaming on YouTube. For this, all you need to do is to go to the YouTube channel of KBCLiv or Set India. There you can see the entire episode of KBC easily.

How to prepare for KBC?

KBC is a game that basically tests your general knowledge. G.K. is a very vast subject and is broadly classified into two types-

Static GK: it includes the general knowledge about the facts that are never going to change in the future. It covers people, places, things, dates, currencies, etc.
Current affairs: The general knowledge includes the understanding of crucial events happening worldwide in the present time or the events of political and social interest.
There is no set syllabus or a standard textbook to read while preparing for KBC. You can start by reading the newspaper every day, taking general knowledge quizzes, studying textbooks of history, geography, and civics; you can also solve the Sunday crossword puzzle that comes every week. Reading newspapers will increase your knowledge of current affairs, and books will improve your static GK knowledge.
It would be best if you also kept an eye on new developments all around the world in any field, it may include the field of science, literature arts, film industries, etc. Like the Nobel Prize winners and their discoveries. You should also know some knowledge about movies and songs as sometimes, for a question, they play an audio/video clip, and the question is framed on that clip. For example, if it is an audio clip of a song, the question might be, identify the singer or the movie.

As you progress in the game, the questions’ difficulty level is increased, so you should prepare for tricky and straightforward questions. Once a question is asked on the show, there is a very slim chance of repetition.
You can also consider preparing on the following topics if you find it difficult to categorize your approach upon starting preparation.

  • Writers and authors of famous books
  • Hindi idioms and proverbs
  • Indian culinary facts and information
  • Indian mythology and character information from across stories
  • Latest sports news and factual data
  • Imminent festivals and their cultural significance in India
  • Facts about Indian Cinema.
  • National and international affairs
  • Indian History (Ancient, Medieval, and Modern)
  • Famous personalities around the world
  • General numeracy and scientific discoveries
  • Finance related news and current affairs

You can consider studying from NCERT textbooks, especially for Social Science, since several questions are based on the primary education we receive in schools and colleges. There is no one method to approach when it comes to initiating preparation. However, you must be quick on your feet when answering questions and preparing for the game. You can also develop a habit of reading newspapers daily as it will benefit immensely for answering questions related to current affairs. Many former winners have revealed that they had a habit of studying daily which helped them achieve the highest prize amount that the show offers. Getting into KBC is not easy, but this article strives to assist you in every way possible.

How to get into KBC?

Each contestant plays the KBC game while sitting with the host. The host reads out the question, and the contestant must choose the correct option to win the prize money. The seat is popularly known as the ‘HOT SEAT.’ Getting into KBC means reaching the hot seat, and to reach the hot seat, you should clear four levels-

  • Register yourself for the KBC season on the KBC LIV app or via SMS.
  • There is no specific academic qualification for applying to the KBC show. If you want to register yourself for KBC, you should fulfill the eligibility criteria. The eligibility/ participation criteria include-
  • Aspirants must be over 18 years as of June of the applying year.
  • Any government identity proof (aadhar card/ driving license etc.)
  • Address proof
  • Hindi speaking is a must for this event.
  • People associated with the producing team of this show are not allowed to participate.
  • If a person fulfills the eligibility criteria, he/she can register on the KBC LIV app or via SMS.
  • Answer the question asked on the KBC LIV app/SMS.
  • Once you have registered for the KBC show, you will receive questions on your KBC LIV or the SMS (depending upon the method of registration). The participants that answer the questions correctly will be randomly selected and are called for the next round.
  • These randomly selected participants again will be asked questions, and after getting the right answers, they will be called for an offline ground test.
  • Selected people will be called for ground auditions.
  • The ground auditions interview is held offline and in many different stages. There would be a general knowledge test and a video interview. The highest scorer is called upon to play the fastest finger first in the KBC show.
  • The selected contestants will then be eligible for playing the fastest finger first.
  • Every week there is a new batch of contestants. To get to the hot seat, the contestant is required to win the fastest finger first, and in order to win that, the contestant is required to answer the question in the minimum time possible.
  • If you win the fastest finger in the first round, you sit on the hot seat and play the host’s KBC game.

Registration for KBC Via IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

If you want to apply for KBC through IVR, you can send your answers on 5052525 or dial 0019188444474, and then 01 for option A, 02 for option 2, 03 for option 3, and 04 for option 4. You will also be asked for the language you prefer, which will either be English or Hindi. You might also be asked to input your age. Once through with the process, the IVR will hang up on you with a thank you note or playback option.
While contestants play on the hot seat, KBC also allows viewers to win prizes on the KBC LIV app through KBC play-along. The maximum prize that a person can win daily is INR one lakh. Every day only 10 people can win one lakh rupees each. You can download the KBC LIV app from google play store or apple store to start playing KBC online. This year’s KBC season will be aired on KBC Entertainment television every night during the weekdays (Monday to Friday).