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KBC Facebook Lottery Winner 2023 List – Facebook 25 Lakhs Lottery Lucky Draw 2023

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The best way to check if you are a lucky KBC Facebook lottery winner 2023 list is to prevent it online. You can visit the KBC website and enter your mobile number and lottery code. Apart from the website, you can also check if you are the lucky winner of the 2023 Facebook lottery. Another way to check if you are a lucky winner of the KBC Facebook Lottery is to contact KBC Head Office in Mumbai and request your Facebook Lottery Number. Usually, if you won the lottery last month, you will receive a call from the KBC head office informing you that you have won the jackpot. However, it is essential to note that there are also many fake websites posing as the official KBC lottery.

All winning prize money is credited to their accounts by KBC.

Dear visitor, please beware of KBC fake news, websites and calls. All websites in the name of KBC are affected, do not share your bank account login id, password, PIN, or OTP with anyone, not even with bank officials. Please don’t share your debit card information with anyone, especially if +923 numbers are Pakistani numbers starting with +923.

Facebook KBC lottery winner 2023

Are you a Facebook user and want to know if you have been selected as a KBC lottery winner? You can quickly check your Facebook mobile number online. If you win the lottery, you will be given a lottery number that you can use to check the list of winners. Once you get your lottery number, beware of fake messages on WhatsApp and phone calls. Beware of scam callers who claim you’ve been selected as a lottery winner and ask you to deposit money. They may try to collect money from you and then ask you to pay the tax charges from your bank account. The Facebook KBC Lottery has a WhatsApp number. Its users are advised to be cautious and only use it to contact the company.

KBC Facebook Winner 2023

Facebook KBC lottery online check

If you have won the KBC lottery, now you can check your winning number online. To do this, enter your lottery and Facebook mobile numbers in the checkbox and click on the “Check now” button. You will see the winning number. You can also collect your winning number by calling KBC head office no. However, beware of fake SMS and phone calls claiming to be from KBC. You should not respond to such unsolicited messages. You can contact the KBC head office or helpline to verify the information.

KBC Facebook lottery number

If you have won the Facebook lottery and have not yet claimed your prize, you can check the list of winners on the KBC website and know how to claim your prize. Having a winning number is a great way to celebrate your win! KBC Facebook is one of the easiest ways to win big.

You will need a Facebook number to join the KBC Facebook lottery. The number can be obtained from your mobile phone service provider. If you have an old SIM card, you do not need to change it as you are already a member of the KBC Facebook Lottery.

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