Jio KBC Lucky Draw | KBC Jio Lottery Number Check | How To Do It?

Are you looking for a lucky draw 2022 in Jio KBC?, You can do it online with just a few clicks on this official website. Once you hit the official KBC website, you need to provide your registered phone number. In case you are not able to find your name and details, you can register your details through a simple phone call on the designated number.

In 2022 your sim is already registered in Jio lucky draw. All you need to make a simple call on Jio head office number which is 0019188444474. JioLottery show 2022 is powered by KBC (Kon Banega Karodpati) in India. Jio is performing vital role in a KBC lottery show. If you want to participate in this lucky draw please contact Jio KBC head office number 0019188444474 and Join Jio lottery winner 2022 lucky draw.

According to Jio, the most Jio lottery winners are Anwar Khan, Tariq Ali and Vinod Singh. The most Jio winners are Rana Pratap Singh, Rakesh Kumar Gupta and Rajesh Kumar. Similarly the most common winner in Jio is Imran Khan DK who won 25 lakh in Jio Lucky Draw 2022.

Amitabh Bhachan showing how to join Jio KBC Lucky Draw 2022

KBC Jio Lottery Winner 2022 List Today

Sr. #KBC Jio Winners Name:Winning Amount:Lottery Number:
1.Rajesh Kumar25,00,000 INR0077
2.Vinod Kumar Singh25,00,000 INR0150
3.Rahul Sharma25,00,000 INR1122
4.Kirti Thakur25,00,000 INR8991
5.Anwar Ali Tamba25,00,000 INR89917
6.Sarwar Lahori25,00,000 INR10010015

Jio KBC Winners List 2022

This is the latest Jio KBC lucky winner list of Jio KBC Lucky draw 2022 if you are a KBC winner 2022 but your name or lottery number is not showing in this list please contact Jio KBC Head office number +19188444474. Remember we don’t have any other number beside this number. So be care full while calling on Jio kbc head office.

Thus, finding the result of the latest Jio kbc lucky draw is not a big deal. The KBC winner list 2022 is updated on the official portal on the first and second day of the following month after the draw occurs on the last day of the previous month. On his interview to Sony tv Amitabh Bachchan says that kbc has included all the Jio sim number in KBC (Kon Banega Karodpati) Lucky Draw 2022. If anyone want to participate in lucky draw please complete registration process tell 06 June 2022.

Be very careful while checking the KBC Jio lottery winner 2022 list

For billions of people worldwide, playing lottery games calls for immense entertainment and excitement. The picture is no different in India. Rather, millions and millions of money get invested in lottery games daily. What if you can combine the excitements in lottery games with the thrills in playing one of the most exciting quiz shows in the history of Indian television? If so, the KBC Jio Lottery is the right option to pick.

As you can make it from the name itself, you get to participate in the famous show KBC, and at the same time, you can earn a decent amount of money. As a lucky KBC Jio lottery winner 2022, you can become a JIO millionaire in this new year. 

An overview of the KBC Lucky Draw 2022

Contrary to the conventional lottery tickets, you need to purchase your ticket for the KBC lucky draw in this case. You need to call up the head office of KBC, and consequently, you will get your lottery number. After that, you need to wait till the declaration of the winner for the day. The show involves question and answer series that allows you to acquire significant knowledge on topics like general knowledge, political affairs, current affairs, history, and culture. It would be best if you kept waiting for the number assigned to your name to win the deal. 
Thus, the KBC Jio lottery is a completely different ball game. You stand the best chances to make some decent amount of money within the minimum time. The best part of KBC Jio lottery winner that you need not take any effort for your fate to shine. Besides, you do not need to buy tickets. Thus, its scheme enables you to try your luck without staking a penny out of your pocket. What better can you expect?.

Jio Lottery Winner 2022 List Today

  • Mr. Vijay Kumar Sharma Winning Amount 25 Lakh Winning Date 19 March 2022.
  • Mr. Amir Khan Winning Amount 25 Lakh Winning Date 20 March 2022.
  • Ms. Simran Khan Winning Amount 25 Lakh Winning Date 21 March 2022.
  • Mr. Muhammad Hasan Winning Amount 25 Lakh Winning Date 22 March 2022.
  • Mr. Shabbir Shabu Winning Amount 25 Lakh Winning Date 23 March 2022.
  • Ms. Laxmi Jaiswal Winning Amount 35 Lakh Winning Date 24 March 2022.
  • Mr. Rakesh Kumar Gupta Winning Amount 35 Lakh Winning Date 25 March 2022.
  • Mr. Sushil Singh Winning Amount 50 Lakh Winning Date 25 March 2022.

How does the KBC Jio lottery operate?

This lottery game aims to benefit the mass by making a fair amount of money. Here, the winner gets selected based on the phone numbers of participants. To prevent any chances of manipulation of the draw, the entire process goes automated. 

Participants can enhance their chances of winning the deal by recharging their mobile account to enhance the account balance and the chances of winning the draw.  This way, you will get back the best value for your investments in recharging your phone. It was never so easy to win a lottery!! 
The KBC Jio lottery winner 2022 list gets updated on an ongoing basis. Even if you are not winning the deal this time, you will still have the chance to make it in the subsequent months as you keep up recharging your mobile. You can even get a lottery ticket at your house through the official helpline numbers. 

Moreover, the support team at the KBC head office keeps working around the clock, helping participants when their assistance is needed the most. You are going to make an exceptional experience as you participate in these games. 

Tricks and tips to win the KBC Jio Lottery 

If you want to join the Lucky Draw, you inevitably need a valid number from any mobile operator in the country. Now, you have to keep up recharging your phone to enhance the mobile balance. Remember, the more frequent and higher the value of recharge, the more chances of winning the draws. The draw happens on the last day of every month. The result of the draw gets published on the first and second day of the following month. You will get the list of the winner of the draw on the official KBC Company website.

KBC Jio lottery is the best chance to make it big 

The KBC Jio lottery has attained exceptional popularity within the minimum time. It is obvious because you can make a good amount of money without making any significant effort or staking any resources out of your pocket. Thus, it is a win-win deal for participants from all perspectives. 

You need to keep up recharging your mobile that will keep escalating your chances of winning the draw. If you are lucky, you can earn a cash reward in the range between 25 Lakhs and 10 Crore
Be careful about fraudsters
Nothing is perfect under the sun. The KBC Jio lottery may have fetched the best chances to earn a good amount of money. On the other hand, it has become a soft target for fraudulency. These days, people get fake calls, prompting that their phone number has been selected in the KBC lucky draw. Consequently, they ask to deposit some money before they can claim their prize money. The trauma is that people are swallowing this temptation, paying money for getting rewards that they never won. 
The fact is, the KBC Jio lottery has no system of calling the winners. The draw results get published on the official website. If your mobile number has been selected as a winner, you will find the official web page information. You should never trust any calls coming from any non-verified number. 

How to check the results of the latest draw of the KBC lottery? 

The best part about checking the results of the latest draw of the KBC lottery is that it never needs any scratch card. Likewise, you can check the result on the official website absolutely for free. Here is your guide in that regard: 

  • Hit the official KBC lottery portal. 
  • Look for the column that asks for the lottery number. 
  • Now you need to enter the lottery number allocated to you. 
  • Hit the Check lottery tab
  • If the latest results have been updated, the portal will display the outcome of the latest draw. 

Why is the KBC Lottery gaining rising popularity with time?

Today, there is no shortage in the count of lotteries in India. Some of these lotteries are local, while there are regional and pan-India games. But, you can never compare any of these games with the KBC Lottery. Today, it is the most popular lottery draw in the country, gaining rising popularity with time. In the years to come, it is likely to become more and more coveted.

The first and foremost factor that you can account for beyond the rising popularity of this lottery is that you can participate in this draw without even buying a ticket. It implies that you need not incur any expenses or staking your resources for participating in these games. You can call up the designated number and collect your lottery number. After that, you need to recharge your phone number to enhance your chances of winning the deal. It implies you can earn a decent amount of money without any need to take any significant effort.

Jio Lottery Winner 2022 List Of Previous Month

No:Jio Winners Name:Winning Amount:Lottery Number:
1.Vinod Singh25,00,000 INR8991
2.Ali Khan ADV25,00,000 INR894768
3.Ajmal Khan ADV25,00,000 INR646732
4.Sunil Sharma25,00,000 INR89912
5.Rajesh Kumar Gupta25,00,000 INR98004
6.Vijay Kumar Thakur25,00,000 INR849903

Jio Winners List 2022

About Jio KBC Lottery

Another major factor contributing to the Jio KBC lottery’s popularity is that it stands completely free of any manipulation chances. The draw gets conducted through computers. It eliminates all the chances of any malpractices impacting the draw result. It is for this reason that all participants get an equal and fair chance to win the draw. Thus, by participating in these draws, you get the best chances to make a decent amount of money within the minimum time. As such, this game’s rising popularity seems to be obvious as you can make anything between 25 Lakhs and ten crores by a night’s time. 

Enrich your knowledge and make life big 

KBC is the most popular quiz show in the history of Indian television. It involves a series of questions and answers that involve general knowledge topics, science, arts and literature, history, and Geography, to name a few. Thus, as you keep watching the show, you can keep upgrading your knowledge. Simultaneously, you get the best chance to earn a significant amount of money. The cash reward you get you to utilize for financing your plans and aspirations. You can utilize the fund to do anything legal as per the code of law in the country. 

KBC Lottery Cash

There have been innumerable instances wherein common people winning the KBC lottery cash reward fulfilling their plans. It is your time to try your fate in that line. It would help if you had a valid mobile connection from a mobile service operator in the country. Consequently, it would be best if you keep recharging your mobile number. It will keep extending your chances of winning the draws. This way, you keep getting the maximum value for the money you normally spend for recharging your mobile. It is why people love participating in these draws. 

Take care that You never get cheated by fake calls stating that you have won a draw.

These days, people get calls from unsolicited sources, informing them that they have won a Jio KBC lucky draw. Consequently, the caller will ask the person to deposit some money as a fee for processing the reward claim. Once the person makes the deposit, the person will find that he has been cheated. These instances have been rising regularly, and it has been a major issue these days. Therefore, if you are ever getting such calls, you should verify the source and the authenticity of the information before making a deposit or taking any other action in response to the call. 

You should always check the outcome of the latest draw of the KBC lottery on the official website only. It ensures that you get authentic information, and you can escape the chances of encountering any fraudulent attempts. 

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