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How to Register in KBC | What Is The Game Plan Of KBC?

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A contestant who qualifies for the hot seat is given four lifelines. One out of which is usually an audience poll. However, this year, since there would be no in-person attendance, the makers have scrapped the lifeline to replace it with ‘Video A Friend.

However, other lifelines, such as 50:50, flip the question, and ask the expert will remain the same. The 50:50 lifeline entails the computer removing two wrong answers from the screen for the player to guess from the remaining two. Apart from this, the ask the expert lifeline enables contestants to ask their queries from the in-house expert through a video conference call. Correspondingly, flip the question involves a new question being introduced to the screen. However, the question is from the player’s preferred category, making it easier for him to answer.

You might be wondering when KBC will start in 2024 in light of the events that have transpired. Nonetheless, you will not have to wait for long as the show will be hitting your screens on the 28th of September, with Big B hosting the show as usual.

What does KBC Play-Along offer?

Individuals who get culled in the selection round for the main show can still hope to win with KBC Play-Along. To partake in KBC Play-Along, the players need to download the latest version of the Sony LIV app available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Once you have installed the application, select the KBC icon from the menu and login in using your Google or Facebook account. To register, you must be 18 years or above, and the application allows you to choose your preferred language between English and Hindi.

Once you have registered, start playing by answering the questions flashing on the screen. The same questions will also be displayed on your smartphone, which would prompt you to answer the correct question within the set time limit. You can choose whichever option you think is correct. Every right answer will fetch you points and you will also know about KBC Company Lottery 2024 Winner.

If you are using KBC Play-Along, you can reap some additional benefits, including no immediate elimination upon a wrong answer. The player can play even when he/she answers wrong and does not face immediate repercussions, unlike in the main game event.

When Will KBC Start In 2024?

The pandemic has left everyone wondering whether the popular reality TV show KBC will return to the screens this year. Well, to your happiness and ecstasy, yes, the makers have decided to extend the show by a season, and Big B will be returning to the TV screens with his ticking clock to overwhelm the participants with his witty questions.

Meeting the contestants and knowing their story is where the real fun lies, and he feels exceptional when they make him a part of their lives. The megastar feels happy when someone wins a substantial amount of money because he knows where they are coming from and strives to fulfill a purpose in their lives.

However small or big may be the amount, the show believes in transforming lives, and the actor reiterates how they are doing it season after season. On being asked about his journey with the show, Amitabh never thought he would be engaged with a show for so long, but here he is doing it even after 20 years and says he would continue to as long as his health allows.

Several people wonder how to get into KBC, and the blog will highlight the steps for you. Apart from this, you might also reflect on how to prepare for KBC, and even for that, you can scroll up and see the process. KBC is one of the most popular shows that air on Indian television, and getting into it is not a cakewalk. However, with this article, the process can become a little easier for you, and you can shoot for the stars by having yourself enlisted in the show.

KBC Season 14 start date 2024 and how to Register

The show will hit the television screens on 28 September 2024 at 9 pm sharp. On being asked about his association with the show, the Megastar responded that he has never felt so valuable in the industry as he does with KBC. Big B also concedes that if we compare ourselves to other western countries, we must assume that they are a hundred years ahead of us. However, with KBC continuing, the gap has been closing, and he has never felt so honored as he does when associated with the show.

The show started in 2000, and this year, it will clock two decades of its impeccable run. Amitabh Bachchan, who missed two seasons due to health reasons, has been hosting the show for almost two decades and feels privileged to be a part of the show.

On contrasting the difference between working on movies and with the show, Amitabh confesses that when he is doing a film, someone puts on his make-up, the other person writes the script. Everything that he says and does is according to a piece of paper handed over to him at the beginning of the shoot.

However, with KBC, the shooting is more about candid interaction and meeting people from across the country. According to him, the show is more about knowing an individual’s story and struggles rather than performing a scripted scene in front of the computer.

How to check KBC Lottery online 2024

Time needed: 2 minutes.

To check your KBC lottery online please follow these steps:

  1. Enter Your Winner Mobile Number Please enter your winner mobile number which is winner in KBC
  2. Enter Your Lottery Number Please enter your registered lottery which you receive from KBC head office
  3. Click on Check Now Button Click on Check Lottery button

Enter Your Winner Mobile Number *Enter Your Lottery Number *Check Lottery

Similarly if you are a KBC winner but you don’t know how to check kbc lottery or if you don’t have your registered lottery number then please pick up your phone and dial kbc head office number 001918844474 to get your lottery online. Because this number is officially registered in KBC head office Mumbai. Likewise you can also participate in KBC via IVR 0019188444474

What Are All Changes Being Introduced In The New Season 13 Of KBC Due To Covid-19?

The makers and the show’s creative directors are all set to introduce changes in the new season of KBC due to Covid-19. The very first thing to scrape off was the audience poll lifeline since the show will continue without any in-person attendance. However, the makers decided to introduce a new lifeline to help customers play a fair game.

It is the Big-B season for all the KBC fans, and the much-loved game show is all set to hit the floors on the 28th of September with its new season. Amitabh Bachchan will return as the host, and the show will air on Sony TV from Monday to Friday at 9 pm.

However, the show producers introduced some crucial changes in the light of recent events. In a video shared by the channel, Sujata Sanghamitra, showrunner and the creative producer, explained they adapted to the ‘new normal’ and what all changes are underway to make the show secure for all the participants and the host.

One of the most significant changes was that instead of going to the various cities to conduct conditions, the makers went with doing it online this year. Sujata also revealed that the audience poll lifeline was scrapped for the first time in the show’s entire history. It is the first time in 20 years that a decision of this magnitude was made.

How to Participate in KBC

However, ‘Video a Friend’ will come to the rescue for many participants. The lifeline will enable you to make a secure digital connection with your friend, during which participants can ask for the answer to the question they choose to opt the lifeline for.

KBC is in the heart and soul of the Indian audience, and nobody can take that away from them. Most people wonder when KBC will start in 2024 as the show has an ardent fan-following that cannot be encumbered even by the pandemic.

Even the Fastest-Finger-First round has undergone some changes. Earlier, a group containing ten contestants participated in the competition’s first round. However, the number is now reduced to eight. Creative Directors made the decision considering the showrunners need to follow all the social distancing rules. With eight contestants, they will be able to seat them properly with more space between each contestant to minimize contagion risk.

Apart from this, the distance between the hot seats and the millennial star host has also increased. The showrunners are doing everything highlighted in the SOP guidelines to curb the spread of the virus and at the same time keep the show going.

According to Sujata, the most significant challenge that the team faced was not being able to travel to shoot every contestant’s introduction video. The team used to shoot videos in the contestants’ home, where they grew up, or their home city. However, with a pandemic in action, makers decided that the team would be better off without traveling.

What Are Some Of The Top Hidden Facts About KBC?

KBC is one of the gigantic mammoths when it comes to TV reality shows. It is an Indian version of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” However, there are many facts about the show that are unknown to the Indian audience. So, here are some of the top hidden facts about KBC.

The Set

The royalty of KBC’s set smites most people. However, you will be surprised to know that the scene doesn’t look like the way it appears on the TV. Several visual effects are gone into the play to make it look how it appears on your screens.

The Entry

Big B could enter the show from what seems like a foyer. However, it is not the case. The host enters from the right, where there is nothing. The good old camera trick works here, too, giving the impression that something lies beyond the main set.

Who is KBC’s Neighbor?

If you are a ‘Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma’ fan, this news might not come as a surprise to you. Yes, KBC’s set is right next to Gokul Dham Society, and Big B’s neighbors are no other than the members of the most famous society on Indian television.

Did you know season 2 was cut short?

If you are an avid viewer, you may have noticed this, but for those who do not know, yes, it was season 2 that was cut short. The abrupt halt of the season arose when Amitabh’s health declined. It was also one of the reasons why makers brought Shah Rukh Khan on board.

Free Food

The show’s hospitality has been making rounds as unlike other TV shows, even the audience is provided with free food service at the show’s set.

Big B’s Exorbitant Wardrobe

It’s the star of the millennial hosting a TV show, and you must expect nothing cheap when it comes to selecting his wardrobe for each episode. However, you would be shocked to know that his wardrobe collection amounts to rupees ten lakhs, excluding the add-ons for each episode.

“Computer Mahashay”

For those who thought it was all automatic, it isn’t. There is a real-time “computer mahashay” that sits among the audience with its mac and other gadgets, prompting the question on the host as well as the participant’s screens. The person is in charge of managing everything and lets Big B take the lead seamlessly.

The Interesting Taglines

At the beginning of season one, there was no tagline associated with the show. However, upon its success, the makers decided to promote the show with snazzy slogans, including “Koi sawaal chota nahi hota” and “Umeed se dugna.”

The Bottom Line

Meanwhile, the season marks a special commemoration for Amitabh, as it marks two decades of the star’s association with the show. He also made his television debut with KBC in 2000. Amitabh has hosted every season of the show so far, except for the third season, which Shah Rukh Khan hosted.

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  • What Are Some Of The Top Hidden Facts About KBC?
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